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Is Community-Funded Journalism 4 Real?

Have you heard of The site, launched by David Cohn, invites readers to fund individual news reports.  The non-profit hopes to leverage public curiosity about stories that are under-reported to fund journalistic investigation.  It works like this: reporters pitch stories and individuals make financial contributions to get a reporter on the case. This “community-funded reporting” model got the attention of the L.A. Times. You can read that story here.


Care to Share Your Thoughts on Digital Media?

You may already know that the University of Miami School of Communication will host the We Media Conference on the Coral Gables campus from Feb. 24 through the 26. What you may not know is that We Media is looking for bloggers who will become regular contributors or occasional writers. If you are interested in participating in the conversation, check out the author instructions online at We Media.