Beyond lolcats: Facebook & Digital Colonialism

Be sure to check out The New York Times’ video about the impact of Facebook on global audiences. What is at stake there and why does it matter?


Digital Journo Pride

Pioneer digital journo Deborah Acosta‘s outstanding¬†Facebook Live reports for The New York Times were featured in a column by Public Editor Liz Spayd. We could not be prouder of the¬†#Cane alumna for her remarkable trajectory in the field of digital journalism. Well done!¬†Acosta

How to Post Audio Clips to Your WP Blog

There are many ways you can upload audio files to your blog. Simple solutions are to upgrade WordPress with Space Upgrade ($20./year) or, if you prefer a free ride, you can create an account at File.den, SoundCloud or another site that allows you to upload .wav or .mp3 files. You can then direct users to that location using a hyperlink. Of course, you can bypass all this by uploading the clip to your own server (if you have one).